About the Florida Bluegrass Network

The Florida Bluegrass Network (FBN) was founded in February 2019 with the sole purpose of fostering Bluegrass music across Florida. For generations, Bluegrass has grown in the Sunshine State to the point where its roots run down to the limestone and its leaves stretch from the St Johns River to the Florida Bay. Although Bluegrass music has prospered for decades, it can be difficult to find Bluegrass information. There are numerous associations, dozens of festivals and hundreds of bands, but no one place where information about all of these can be found.

This idea begain in 2015 when John Parrish and Justin Mason met at a jam at the Yeehaw Music Festival. They realized they both had a passion for Bluegrass and discussed what they could do to help connect Bluegrass across Florida. At that time, John had the idea for a website where anyone could go and find all things Bluegrass in the state. A place where the associations, festivals, and bands could pool their resources and information to create a one-stop shop for Bluegrass information. Since then, social media and the internet have become an even stronger fabric in our societies’ tapestry.

In early 2019, The Florida Bluegrass Network was created. The Florida Bluegrass Network is a multi-platform media organization that is designed to be a one-stop shop for all Bluegrass information in the state. Facebook, Instagram, a website and so many other avenues have been created for the sharing of Bluegrass information in Florida along with a source for original Bluegrass content.

FBN is the brainchild of John Parrish and exists because of the efforts of its correspondents, contributors and content creators.

If you have ideas for this network or know of content that should be added please reach out to us at floridabluegrassnetwork@gmail.com

Florida Bluegrass Network, Bringing the Blue Together

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