The Florida Bluegrass Classic February 20-25th, 2019 – A new approach to Bluegrass Festivals

Large, multi-day Bluegrass Festivals have been a staple in Florida for decades. People made their way down the musical trail to Everglades, Palatka, Yeehaw Juction, Withlacoochee, Sertoma for may years. Newer Festivals like Baygrass have sprouted up and become very successful in a short period of time. (by sprouted I mean a person or persons nearly killed themselves daily to make it happen)

Bluegrass festivals not only bring pickers a chance to perform and showcase their talents but, they bring in fans and it also helps show the rest of the Bluegrass world how rich Florida’s scene is.

Hats off to Ted Lehmann for spotlighting one of the states premiere promoters and his quest to find the perfect formula for sustaining Bluegrass Festivals into the future his post on No Depression


While Ernie Evans ‘s approach might not appeal to everyone, it has already shown to be successful in bringing in larger crowds who may not otherwise come out to the festivals and experienced what it is to be at a Bluegrass Festival.

In the end, the more successful Bluegrass festivals we have in the state the better our Bluegrass scene!


Justin Mason – Florida Bluegrass Network

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