Saturday, March 9th at Black Prong Bluegrass Festival 2019

The main stage show began Saturday with The Shepherds hosting the open stage. With their family harmonies and youthful energy the crowd quickly got locked into the show.

Skeeter Creek was the next to take the stage and they did not disappoint! Skeeter Creek plays hit bluegrass, country and folk songs with an energy and enthusiasm that is hard to match. They mix in some beautiful slower tunes as well but never let the audience get to relaxed.

The Baileys, hailing from the north Florida area gave a powerful performance. Every time I hear this band I think “wow they are good” which is difficult to do. It’s hard to continuously impress fans but the Baileys just have that drive that keeps the Bluegrass blood pumping.

Fresh off their brand new album Dirt Road, Scattered Grass made their first appearance in North Florida. They flashed their twin harmonies and classic Bluegrass feel that has made them popular across the state. The band has a special kind of charisma that has to be witnessed to understand.

Keith Bass and The Florida Bluegrass Express played for a second day and brought even more of their hard driving Bluegrass smile. It’s amazing how many years Keith has been bringing Bluegrass to the state of Florida but never seems to lose the energy he has that makes his music infectious. While the band can play all the traditional standards, they also mix in popular contemporary Bluegrass songs to keep your ears on their toes.

The night was capped off by a pot luck fellowship dinner and more top notch jamming across the park.

Sunday brings a Bluegrass Gospel songs and I’m sure some tear filled goodbyes and firm handshakes sealing agreements to pick again soon.

Special thanks to Mike and Mary Robinson for having Florida Bluegrass Network at the festival.

And thank you to Alan and Maureen Aulson for their hospitality and effort making this festival a reality.

Seeing a young festival like this has great success and even better people just fills you with hope for the future.


Justin Mason, Florida Bluegrass Network


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